3D Harvest House

3D Harvest House

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Use sandpaper to smooth any rough edges on the wooden bird feeder pieces. Slot the 2 sides and front sections onto the base.
  2. Cut off 2cm from the ends of 4 craft sticks to fit along the top of the roof. Cut the ends into angles so the sticks fit together in the middle, smooth the edges with sandpaper if necessary.
    Cut 2 more craft sticks to fit down the sides of the house then glue into place, leaving 1cm clear above the vertical slots near the base.
  3. For the door, cut a 3cm x 7cm card rectangle. Cut 4 x craft sticks to 8cm in length, sand the ends then glue onto the card. Leave to dry.
  4. Paint the house, base section and the door, leave to dry.
  5. Slot the painted base section and house shape together. If the slots feel tight, sand around the ends on the base so the pieces easily fit together. Glue the door onto the house.
  6. To make the scarecrow, paint the head of a wooden person and leave to dry. Cut a 5cm x 8cm rectangle from self-adhesive felt, peel off the backing paper then wrap it around the body. For the scarecrow’s arms, cut a 7cm length from a drinking straw then pinch the middle to flatten it. Cut a 7cm x 2cm self-adhesive felt strip, peel off the backing then stick it around the straw. Squeeze a small amount of glue at the ends of the straw then push chopped up pieces of raffia into the holes using a cocktail stick or the end of a pencil. Leave to dry. Squeeze glue onto the head with raffia hair pressed on top. Make a hat from a 4cm felt circle, peel off the backing then press it onto the head, pinching the sides into shape. Add details on the clothes and hat with twine or small pieces of frayed hessian. Stick the arms onto the body with double-sided tape.Glue wiggle eyes onto the face with a felt nose, paint a mouth or use a thin felt pen.
  7. To make the pumpkins, brush orange paint over some small polystyrene balls and leave to dry. Paint lines or patterns onto the pumpkins with a small brush or a strip of card for patterns around the sides. Make holes in the tops of the pumpkins with a pencil. Cut 1cm x 3cm self-adhesive felt strips for the stalks, peel of the backing then roll up the felt. Push the stalks into the holes with glue on the end. Add sticky foam leaves.
  8. To make the sunflowers, draw 3cm-4cm circles onto the backing paper of some yellow self-adhesive felt. Cut out the circles then snip edges into petals. Cut small brown felt circles for the middles. Stick the middles onto the flower shapes. Cut curvy stalks from green felt, peel off the backing paper then stick the stalks and flowers onto the house with foam leaves.
  9. Squeeze glue around the inside of the garden base then press dried moss on top. Glue the pumpkins and scarecrow into the garden. Leave to dry.
3D Harvest House 3D Harvest House 3D Harvest House

Top Tip

Push cocktail sticks into the polystyrene balls so they are easier to paint. Leave to dry with the sticks supported inside a small jar or container.

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