Easy Card Pouches

These quick and handy gift pouches are ideal for little notes or presents, and can be whipped up from leftover card

Easy Card Pouches

Skill Level


Time to Make

20 minutes

How to Make

  1. Draw four equal sized circles onto card and cut out carefully. Fold all the circles in half. Take two of the circles and trim around one curved edge with pattern scissors to create a scalloped effect.
  2. With the circles still folded and scallop-edged flaps facing upwards, assemble the gift pouch as follows (as you would assemble the base of a cardboard box): Take one scallop-edged circle and place the bottom flap beneath the bottom flap of a plain circle, so they fit together at a right angle, creating a corner.
  3. Secure in place with a glue dot. Take your other scallop-edged circle and place it opposite the first scallop-edged circle, with its bottom flap sitting on top of the bottom flap of the plain circle, ends flush creating another corner. Secure with a glue dot.
  4. Complete the square by taking your final circle and arranging it so it sits opposite the other plain circle, with its bottom flat tucked under the flap on the right hand side and over the flap on the left-hand side, creating an interlocked base. Secure in place with a glue dot.
  5. Place your card or small trinket inside the pouch, and then fold the top flaps over and under each other in the same way – left-hand flap over top flap, right hand flap under top flap but over bottom flap, bottom flap over left-hand flap (using the picture as a guide).
  6. For decoration, tie ribbon around the middle and secure in a bow at the front, or add a button or bead to the centre when closed.
Easy Card Pouches Easy Card Pouches Easy Card Pouches

Top Tip

To create an interesting look, cut each pair of circles from a different coloured or patterned card and position them opposite each other during assembly.