Gold Llama Model

Llamas and Alpacas are often represented in art and sculpture from Andean cultures. Create a golden llama model inspired by sculpture from the Inca Empire. 

Gold Llama Model

Skill Level

Beginner. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

2 hours + drying time for ModRoc + paint

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut a piece of A4 card in half, to make 2 x A5 pieces.
    To make the llama’s body roll one piece of the card into a tube measuring approximately 15cm in length and 4cm diameter. Wrap masking tape around the tube to hold the shape.
    To make the body stronger, push a couple of small scrunched pieces of newspaper inside the tube. Snip around both ends on the tube to make 1cm flaps, fold them over then tape over the ends.
  2. To make the llama’s neck and head, tape 2 wooden lolly sticks at one end of the tube body so they stand up, wrap pieces of tape across the stick and around the tube so the sticks stay in place. Scrunch up a piece of newspaper into a 4cm ball, press it into an oval then wrap with tape to make a head shape. Place the head between the 2 wooden sticks, leaving 2cm standing up as ears. Wrap with more tape so the head stays in place. Fill the neck with scrunched newspaper then wrap with tape.
  3. To make the legs, divide the remaining piece of A5 card into 4 equal pieces. Roll each piece of card lengthways into a tube, curl one end a bit tighter so it tapers, wrap this end with masking tape then press the wider end to flatten it. The card can be curled around a pencil to help roll the tubes. Tape the legs onto body with the flat ends at the top.
  4. Cut 12-15 strips of ModRoc 10cm in length, plus a few smaller pieces. Dip the strips one at a time into water, soak for 30 seconds, squeeze out any excess water then smooth over the llama until it is completely covered.
    Wrap Modroc strips over the ears then pull into pointed shapes. Shape the head with extra Modroc strips if necessary so it tapers towards the nose.
    Wrap small Modroc strips around the ends of the legs as feet then leave to dry.
    Squeeze a piece of Modroc into a tail shape then press it onto the body.
  5. Paint the llama gold. Leave to dry. Add a second coat if necessary. Paint in the eyes, nose and mouth with black paint using a thin brush.
Gold Llama Model Gold Llama Model Gold Llama Model

Top Tip

After the Modroc has dried, check the llama shape is smooth and even. If there are any gaps or areas to re-shape, add a couple of extra Modroc strips.