Andean Scenery

The varied landscape in Peru includes high mountains, deserts, rainforests, rivers, canyons, beaches and an ocean coastline. Bring Peru to life in your classroom by making a dramatic 3D scene!

Andean Scenery

Skill Level

Beginner. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

3 hours + drying time for glue + paint

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Brush blue paint over a piece of A2 card for the sky background. Leave it to dry.
  2. Draw a pencil outline for the high mountains onto another piece of A2 card. Paste glue over the card then stick down some pieces of lilac and dark purple tissue. Leave to dry.
    Draw a pencil outline for some lower hills and foreground hills onto another piece of A2 card. Paste glue over the card then stick down some pieces yellow and brown tissue. Leave to dry.
    Cut out the high mountains and hill shapes. Lightly sponge white paint over the sky and mountains to add some texture.
  3. Draw an outline shape for a llama onto cream coloured board, or use another colour if you prefer. Cut out the llama. Cut up some white wool into short pieces, brush glue over the llama’s body then press the wool on top with mini pompoms as decoration.
    Stick a wiggle eye onto the llama’s face, paint or draw a nose and mouth, paint the hooves, leave to dry.
    Once you’ve cut out a llama card shape, this can be used as a template to make more llamas, try some different colours, smaller sizes or make a herd of llamas.
  4. Draw a condor shape onto black board using a pale pencil. Cut it out then add the feathers details with white paint.
  5. Cut out the base from a large cardboard box to make a structure to support the scenery, you’ll need to leave some card on the base and at both sides so the box stands up to support the scenery. Paint the sides and base of the box to fit in with your scenery colours.
    The back section of the box will be covered with the sky panel, so this won’t be visible.
  6. Stick the sky panel onto the background with double-sided tape. Depending on the size of the box, the sky may need trimming to fit.
    Stick the high mountains in front of the sky, leaving a gap between the 2 layers. The card can be attached in place by bending both edges on the mountains then sticking them to the sides of the box with double-sided tape or glue. Stick the lower hills in front of the mountains, leaving a gap between the layers. Stick the foreground hills at the front.
    The measurements and size of the pieces will depend on the size of the cardboard box. Trim the scenery to fit the box.
    Scenery layers can be attached to the box by bending the sides and gluing them to the box, or add a separate folded strips of card at the bases and sides to hold the scenery in place.
  7. Glue the llamas onto the foreground hills. Glue the condor in the sky with a small piece of corrugated card on the back to raise it up from the background

    For a simpler 2D scene stick the layers together as a flat picture.

Andean Scenery Andean Scenery Andean Scenery

Top Tip

The scene can be extended into a bigger mountain range by adding several landscapes together. Or, try making some different Peruvian environments like a rainforest, the stepped tiers of Machu Picchu or the Nasca lines on the coastal plains.

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