Woven Ribbon Birthday Card

Weave your way into someone’s good books with this lovely woven greeting card

Woven Ribbon Birthday Card

Skill Level

Beginner. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

30 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Using a ruler, draw a square on the front of your card blank. Use the picture as a guide. It should be at least 1.5cm from both sides and the bottom edge. Cut this out carefully with a knife to create a window. About 1cm above the window, in the centre cut two 1cm vertical lines next to each other to feed your ribbon bow through. Cut a piece of card that is about 1cm bigger than the window on each edge. This will be the base of your woven ribbons.
  2. Cut at least 20 lengths of ribbon in different colours. The widths can be the same or vary. They should be a little longer than your base card.
  3. On the left hand side of the base, line up the ribbons from the bottom right to the top (the ribbons will be sitting horizontally and covering the whole base). Use a piece of Sellotape to fix them to the left hand side of the base. The tape should sit half over the ribbon ends and half wrapped over the back of the base.
  4. To start weaving the ribbons together, place one ribbon on the top edge, at the very left. Fix with tape as before. Weave the ribbon over and under all of the horizontal ribbons until you reach the bottom. Fold the ribbon over the edge to the back and fix with tape. Place another vertical ribbon next to the first. Fix with tape as before. This time weave under the alternate ribbons, so under and then over. Fix at the end. Repeat the whole process until you’ve filled the whole space.
  5. Tape all of the remaining ribbon ends on the bottom edge in place. You should now have a lovely woven section to use in your card. Slip the woven part inside the card. When you are happy with its placement, tape in place on the inside of the card. Thread a ribbon through the two slits so that the ends are at the front of the card to tie into a bow later.
  6. On the front / back of a second card blank, apply double sided tape along each edge and the middle fold on both sides. Remove the backing on one side. Place it carefully inside and fix in place. Remove the backing on the other side and fix that in place. Trim any overlap of the two cards. Lastly cut a little piece of card and hand write your message. Thread onto the ribbon and tie in a bow on the front.
Woven Ribbon Birthday Card Woven Ribbon Birthday Card Woven Ribbon Birthday Card

Top Tip

Iron your fabric ribbons before weaving for a neat finish - hair straighteners also work really well.