Stitched Snowflake Card

Hessian makes the perfect base for stitching, add a little glitter to create an extra special greeting card.

Stitched Snowflake Card

Skill Level

Beginner. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

30 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Trim a piece of hessian roll to 1-2cm smaller than the face of the card blank.
  2. Find the centre point and with a length of white embroidery thread begin stitching the snowflake motif. Stitch a central cross and add small forks to the end of each. Work a second cross intersecting the first with the same forks on the end. Complete the motif by working small running stitches to join the each of the lines of the cross.
  3. With small straight stitches work three stitch crosses to make mini snowflakes at random positions over the card. Fasten off the thread and snip away all thread ends.
  4. With the gold Pic Tixx Glitter Pen work around the outer edge of the hessian to add a glittering border and work small dabs of glitter over the surface to add extra sparkle
  5. Secure the embellished hessian centrally to the front of the card blank with small dabs of hot glue to secure.
Stitched Snowflake Card Stitched Snowflake Card Stitched Snowflake Card

Top Tip

Apply the glitter springy and allow to fully dry, you can always work back over and add extra if needed.