Willow Star Wreath

Deck your front door or home this Christmas with this lovely natural willow star wreath.

Willow Star Wreath

Skill Level


Time to Make

3 hours plus drying time for glue.

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Stick 2 Star wreaths together using the PVA glue. Ensure holes at top align.
  2. Using the hot glue, stick down willow branches all around the front edge of the star. Cut the branches using the garden secateurs to fit accordingly and mitre branch ends to fit corners. Repeat for the back of the wreath.
  3. Now stick branches around outer edge of star, sitting between the front and back branches.
  4. Cut a piece of jute twine for the hanging string. Pass through holes and knot.
  5. Lay the star wreath flat, front facing up. Start placing branches alongside the previous ones. Cut to length and mitre where needed. Do a few at a time and stick down before you move onto another section. Do this until the whole front is covered.
  6. Take the red berries and create 2 small bunches, 1 with 3 berries and the other with 5, by twisting the wire stems.
  7. Twist each one of the bunches onto an artificial pine branch creating a sprig. Bend the wire stem of the pine branches down so they can hook over inner star of wreath. Bend it further (if needed) so it sits flush with the back of the wreath. Stick down. Ensure glue covers the whole stem so there are no sharp ends.
  8. Take a third pine branch and place straight between the other 2 at the back of wreath covering the whole stem with glue. When the glue has dried push the pine branch a little forward, into the cut out star and poking out of the front.
  9. Mix some iridescent white glitter with super tacky glue and with brush paint a little on the berries and pine branches to give a frosted effect. Do the same all over the willow branches but, do not put too much. Allow to dry.
Willow Star Wreath Willow Star Wreath Willow Star Wreath

Top Tip

When cutting and mitring the branches with the secateurs ensure you’re in a safe area. They can be tough to cut and they will fly off as you do so. Wear safety glasses for protection.