Mini Log Slice Decoration

Perfect little wooden decorations to add a natural themed festive décor and tree.

Mini Log Slice Decoration

Skill Level


Time to Make

30 minutes plus glue drying time for 5 decorations

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Choose a wooden shape and a branch off cut which is in proportion to the shape. Using hot glue apply a small dot of glue on the shape avoiding any gaps/holes.
  2. Using a glitter glue of your choice, apply on wooden shape almost as if painting it. Ensure not to cover any of the cut out shapes/holes. Allow to dry. If you want to add another colour always wait for previous glue to dry first.
  3. If using glitter shakers, paint on super tacky glue on shape then sprinkle on glitter. Shake off any excess and allow to dry.
  4. Cut a piece of jute twine 10cm long, fold in half and stick ends centrally at the top, on the back of the decoration using hot glue.
Mini Log Slice Decoration Mini Log Slice Decoration Mini Log Slice Decoration

Top Tip

If glitter glue does not give good coverage at first, allow to dry then reapply. This is also a good way of layering glitter colours.

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