Hand Printed Gift Wrap

Create unique gift wrap for friends and family this Christmas using simple hand made printing blocks. Mix and match matt kraft paper with metallics, bold spots with intricate patterns and a bright pop of colour to complete the look.

Hand Printed Gift Wrap

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 - 2 hours for stamp making, plus printing time

How to Make

  1. Set up your work station with all of your inks, paper and stamps to hand. Have a place ready to hang or place wet printed paper.
  2. Gently masking tape your paper to print down onto the table to avoid slipping while printing.
  3. Masking tape a sheet of plastic film to the table to mix and roll your inks on. Roll the colour backwards and forwards until the colour is mixed thoroughly.
  4. Press your stamp down firmly in place. Roll over the top with a dry roller. Remove carefully, re-ink and repeat in your desired pattern / print.
  5. Gently wipe the stamps over with a wet wipe if you can see a build up of colour, if your print becomes less crisp, or if you’d like to change colours.
  6. Allow to dry thoroughly between colours if you are layering designs up and once your sheets are complete.
  7. Wrap up gifts in your beautiful printed paper, finishing with natural twine bows.
Hand Printed Gift Wrap Hand Printed Gift Wrap Hand Printed Gift Wrap

Top Tip

They key to successful printing is to have an organised work station. You will need a large table to print on, your colours and rollers within reach and somewhere to dry the flat paper sheets. Masking tape the printing paper to the table gentle at the corners to stop it moving during printing. Have some wipes to hand for spillages! Remember your design will print in reverse so keep this in mind if using letters or numbers. When mixing ink, make sure you make enough to print your whole batch of paper if you want the same shade throughout. Otherwise mix as you go.