Spooky Hanging Bats

Transform egg cartons into spooky hanging bats for a scary Halloween decoration.

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision


Spooky Hanging Bats
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Top Tip

Instead of using a white deco pen you could use white acrylic paint.

How to Make

Step 1

Spooky Hanging Bats

Step 2

Spooky Hanging Bats

Step 3

Spooky Hanging Bats

  1. Cut the lid off of a used egg carton and discard.
  2. Cut out a row of 3 of the egg carton dimples.
  3. Turn the row of 3 upsides down. Trim around the edges to make them neat and even.
  4. The middle will be the bats head and the egg carton dimples either side will be the bat’s wings.
  5. Cut half circle shapes from the bottom of the bat’s wings to make the pointy parts of the wings.
  6. Paint the bat with black acrylic paint. Paint the insides too. Leave to dry.
  7. Stick 2 red wiggle eyes onto the bat’s face.
  8. Draw on a mouth with sharp bat teeth using a white deco pen.
  9. Cut a piece of orange ribbon roughly 15cm long. Tie it into a loop and secure with a double knot.
  10. Stick a large glue dot onto the knot of the loop and stick another glue dot to the top of the bat’s head. Stick the orange ribbon knot onto the top of the bat’s head.