Rattan Harvest Wreath

Brighten up your front door or wall this autumn with this welcoming rustic wreath with its mix of naturals and bright colours to celebrate harvest.

Rattan Harvest Wreath

Skill Level


Time to Make

60 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Paint a bunch of the snow berries yellow, a bunch orange and a bunch green. Leave to dry.
  2. With your hot glue gun, stick eleven or twelve bark leaves to the bottom left section of the rattan wreath.
  3. On some card, draw and cut out a squash shape, pumpkin shape and small circle about the size of a ten pence coin. Alternatively, print our template, cut out, draw around the shapes on a piece of card and cut them out.
  4. Using jute twine and the hot glue gun, cover the squash and pumpkin by wrapping around. Alternatively, you can cut pieces of jute twine and stick down in rows until the card is covered, trimming off the edges with a sharp pair of scissors.
  5. For the centre of the Sunflower, wind the jute twine in a spiral from the centre, add-ing hot glue as you go. Use a cocktail stick or pencil to hold things in place and avoid touching the hot glue with your fingers. Snip off the end with your scissors.
  6. Using hot glue, stick the natural bark chips to the back of the circle. Keep adding until you have a couple of layers.
  7. Paint your squash with green acrylic paint.
  8. Paint your pumpkin with orange acrylic paint, then add some green to make some curved stripes and green stalk.
  9. Paint your Sunflower petals with yellow acrylic paint.
  10. When your pieces are dry, hot glue the squash, pumpkin and sunflower to the front of the bark leaves section.
  11. Arrange and stick the colourful berries behind by threading the stalks/wire into the rattan wreath.
  12. Make a bow for the top of the wreath by cutting some hessian in a long strip, approx-imately 5cms wide. Wrap the centre of the bow with the jute twine and tie it off.
  13. Cut a length of jute twine approximately 22cms long, then tie the ends together in a knot to make your hanging loop.
  14. Add some hot glue to the top of the rattan wreath and stick the loop and bow to it to complete your wreath.
Rattan Harvest Wreath Rattan Harvest Wreath Rattan Harvest Wreath

Top Tip

Use a tool to manoeuvre the jute twine for fiddly parts, to avoid touching the hot glue with your fingers.