Rustic Wrapped Pumpkins

Add a rustic to your home décor this autumn by wrapping polystyrene balls with yarn and hessian to resemble pumpkins.

Rustic Wrapped Pumpkins

Skill Level


Time to Make

40 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Using a knife score circles on the top and bottom of your polystyrene balls and care-fully slice across leaving you with a flatter top and bottom to make a pumpkin shape.
  2. Take the end of a paintbrush or pencil and pierce through the middle of your balls, wiggle around lightly to make a tunnel for threading through.
  3. For your hessian pumpkins place your ball onto your hessian roll and cut a large circle around it allowing extra for coverage and gathering. Thread through the top of your hessian leaving 0.5cm gaps in between and pull tightly to gather your fabric around your ball, tie in a knot on top. Trim any excess hessian and using your paint-brush end or pencil push the excess hessian inside the hole.
  4. Taking another length of thread, thread through from the bottom to the top and loop around making 4/5 segments, tie in a knot and trim any excess thread that’s on show.
  5. For your twine or wool wrapped pumpkin, thread lengths through the hole of the polystyrene ball until its completely covered. Making sure you are threading from top to bottom neatly and tuck any stray ends inside the hole.
  6. To finish your pumpkins push a little twig into the top to make your pumpkins stalks.
Rustic Wrapped Pumpkins Rustic Wrapped Pumpkins Rustic Wrapped Pumpkins

Top Tip

Using this technique, why not create a bowl of apples in different shades of yarn and hessian, and add interest by using different sized polystyrene balls.