Pretty Flower Mugs

These floral designs will breathe new life into your crockery – mix and match the colours to suit!

Pretty Flower Mugs

Skill Level

Beginner. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

3 hours

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Using a pink pen, draw a five-petal flower outline at the top of the mug on one side, ensuring it’s quite thick, as shown. Colour the middle with a star drawn in yellow pen (being careful not to blend the two colours together), then gently shade the petals with faint lines of the same pink. To do this, you’ll need to avoid pressing down on the nib as this will release a thick blob of paint.
  2. Draw leaves in green pen between the petals of the flower, using the picture as a guide, then add stems coming out from all directions, branching off over the remaining blank space, as shown. Add buds at random points by ending stems in a curvy, thick and wide ‘V’ shape then colouring the bud in pink.
  3. To add texture to flowers or buds, press down on the nib of the pink pen carefully to release extra paint, and then gently use a fine paintbrush to spread it out in the desired area. The lines created by your brush strokes will give a textured effect.
  4. Leave to dry, then bake in a domestic oven according to the manufacturer’s instructions (you will find these on the pens or their packaging).
Pretty Flower Mugs Pretty Flower Mugs Pretty Flower Mugs

Top Tip

If you go wrong while drawing your designs, a wet wipe will remove the pen and you can start over again without having to waste the mug.

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