Doodle Art Ceramics

Doodling isn't just for scraps of paper – try transforming ceramics with your scribbles instead!

Doodle Art Ceramics

Skill Level


Time to Make

2 hours

How to Make

  1. Give the porcelain pen a thorough shake, then test on scrap paper to ensure paint is flowing smoothly. If you’re not confident at drawing straight onto the ceramics, sketch your designs onto the items first in pencil, but bear in mind that you can use a wet wipe to clean off the pen before you’ve baked it if you do go wrong.
  2. Take your ceramic item and divide it up into sections using either straight lines or wiggly lines, arranging them in stripes or overlapping them to create odd, interesting sections.
  3. Working a section at a time, start doodling within each area, using a repeat pattern. On smaller items, it’s best not to try and draw anything too intricate the first time around, as when your design is complete the combination of so many different types of patterns next to each other will result in a detailed effect anyway!
  4. Once all the sections are complete, or you’ve filled as many as you intend to, bake the ceramics in an oven according to the pen manufacturer’s instructions (it should detail this on the packing or the pens themselves).
Doodle Art Ceramics Doodle Art Ceramics Doodle Art Ceramics

Top Tip

Don't press down on the pen nib too hard while doodling otherwise you'll get a big blob of paint on your work.

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