Pastel House Advent Calendar

Upcycle your own calender from cardboard tubes and a cardboard box to create a cute pastel themed advent house that you can fill with festive gifts or treats and then reuse each year!

Pastel House Advent Calendar

Skill Level

Beginner. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

1-2 Hours with drying time

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Take your cardboard box apart and cut into sections to make a house structure. The approximate measurements of this one are as follows:
    Sides panels: 12cm x 26cm (you will need two of these)
    Back panel: 19cm x 30cm (cut the top corners at an angle)
    Bottom panel: 20cm x 12cm
    Roof panel: 26cm (fold in half to create the roof shape)
    Front Roof triangular panel: 19cm x 13cm & 13cm
  2. Paint your panels in your chosen pastel shade, you may need to do a couple of coats. Set to one side to dry.
  3. To cover your cardboard tubes, cut your chosen pastel tissue into squares of approx. 12cm making sure you use all the shades in your pack . Cover one end of your tube and fold over smoothly and secure with tape. The tissue should only cover 1/3rd of the tube so you have space at the back to insert your treats/toys. You can now add your gold numbers.
  4. Now it’s time to build your house using a glue gun for stability, start with the side panels onto the bottom panel first, then the back panel. Put the roof together separately, inserting the front triangle panel into the fold and then glue in place. Don’t worry about any gaps as you can cover with artificial snow at the end.
  5. Using pva cover the roof with an even layer of pva and along the front of the roof and edges of the house, sprinkle with artificial snow and iridescent glitter. Leave to dry.
  6. Stack your tubes into numerical order from the bottom working your way backwards into rows of 4.
  7. Lastly, take the red ribbon off the mini wreath and add a pastel ribbon of your colour choice and glue back into place. Then glue the wreath in place in the centre of your roof.
Pastel House Advent Calendar Pastel House Advent Calendar Pastel House Advent Calendar

Top Tip

To save building your house in sections, you could use a large shoe box/container instead!

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