Personalised Glitter Baubles

Make Christmas special for someone this year with a hand decorated, personalised bauble to hang on their tree.  A fabulous gift and keepsake for friends and family members.

Personalised Glitter Baubles

Skill Level

Intermediate. Adult supervision needed.

Time to Make

45 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Pour a small amount of varnish into one half of your bauble and swirl around so all areas have been coated lightly.
  2. Tip excess varnish into a bowl and rest open side down on a paper towel to allow any remaining to drip out. Repeat step 1 & 2 with the other half of your bauble and leave both halves to set slightly for approx 10 minutes.
  3. Cover the varnish on both halves of your bauble with one colour of glitter and tap out any excess into a bowl. Now leave facing upwards to set for approx 10 mins
  4. Once the varnish and glitter appear slightly set you can clip the two halves together and attach the topper.
  5. Remove the red velvet loop on your larger bauble and cut approx 25cm of silver rib-bon and thread through the top creating a loop that it can hang from by making a small knot. You can repeat this step for your smaller bauble too with another colour of your choice.
  6. For your larger bauble cut approx 8cm of ribbon and attach to the edge of your bau-ble topper using a small amount of glue. Then embellish on top of your ribbon using your acrylic jewels ensuring you leave a gap in between each one.
  7. For your smaller bauble cut approx 30cm of ribbon and tie into a bow and fix to the loophole using your glue gun. Then embellish the outside using your stick on snow-flakes, ensuring room to personalise if you wish to.
  8. Using your Deco paint pens you can personalise both of your baubles with your choice of name, word or initial!
Personalised Glitter Baubles

Top Tip

Have paper towels and a bowl handy for excess glue and glitter. Use a pot or cup to balance your bauble when personalising.