Pastel Christmas Wreath

Bring some life into your décor this Christmas with this stylish and eclectic pastel coloured wreath.

Pastel Christmas Wreath

Skill Level

Beginner. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

40 minutes plus drying time

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Paint your wreath in your chosen pastel colour, and leave to dry. If you have white paint it’s a good idea to do a layer first before the colour so the pastel shade is more vibrant on the wood.
  2. Start by gluing your presents on first in three places, one bottom centre the other two on either side leaving a gap and making sure they are slightly symmetrical. Trim the gold cord and glue a pastel ribbon in its place.
  3. Now using your glue gun, attach a mix of sizes and colours from both pom pom packs. We have used the pale pink and purple with the snowball pom poms. Make sure to glue on top as well as in little gaps to give maximum depth and pattern. You can leave some of the painted wreath on show in sections too.
  4. Once all the pom poms are in place glue two trees facing at an outward angle just above the presents and two candy cane stickers in the gaps of the other presents, making sure they are all symmetrical to each other.
  5. Using you glue gun, place a small dot in the centre at the back of your wreath just below the hole for hanging. Fix your gold bell cord onto this and gently hold in place while the glue cools. Be careful of your fingers! This will be hanging in the centre of your wreath, and lastly replace the gold bow with a pastel one using a small amount of glue.
  6. Put a small amount of pva in the top gaps and just above where the pom poms start and sprinkle over some artificial snowflakes and leave to dry. Once dry attach some twine in the loophole and display in your home!
Pastel Christmas Wreath Pastel Christmas Wreath Pastel Christmas Wreath

Top Tip

For an even look, Start with the larger pom poms and fill any gaps with medium sized and small pom poms ones last.