Lovebug Puppet

Make this fun wiggly Lovebug Puppet for Valentine’s Day! Easy to make and fun to play with.

Lovebug Puppet

Skill Level


Time to Make

20 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Using the template draw around and cut out 1 big heart and 3 smaller hearts from glitter card.
  2. Using the template as a guide punch one hole on the top right of the large heart and punch two holes at the top of 2 of the smaller hearts. For the last heart/end of the puppet, only punch one hole into the top left.
  3. Join the hearts together using split pins, make sure the large heart is at the front for the face.
  4. Stick two wiggle eyes onto the large heart and draw a smile.
  5. For the antennas cut 1 light pink and 1 dark pink pipe cleaner in half and then wrap the dark pink pipe cleaner around the light pink pipe cleaner. Repeat for the other antenna.
  6. Stick the pipe cleaner antennas to the back of the heart face using sticky tape.
  7. Stick a heart glitter foam sticker to each of the pipe cleaner antennas.
  8. Stick a straw at the back, on either side of the love bug using sticky tape.
Lovebug Puppet Lovebug Puppet Lovebug Puppet

Top Tip

Make sure the split pins aren’t too tight so that your lovebug can still wiggle.