Harvest Felt Spelling Game

Plant and harvest your vegetables again and again with this easy to make spelling game that you can wrap up to store away or take on-the-go.

Harvest Felt Spelling Game

Skill Level

Easy. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

1 hour + Drying Time

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Print and cut out the template pieces, then draw around the pieces on the appropriate colour of felt. You will need seven carrots/stalks, seven cabbages, seven pumpkins/stalks and nine sweetcorn/sheaths. Cut these out with scissors.
  2. Glue the stalks onto the carrots and pumpkins and glue the sweetcorn pieces together. Allow to dry.
  3. Use dark green fabric paint and write one letter on each of the vegetables to spell its name. Allow to dry.
  4. Place the vegetables in rows across a piece of brown felt. When you are happy with the positions of the vegetables, remove one at a time to write the matching letter on the felt. Do this for each vegetable/letter and then allow them to dry thoroughly.
  5. Measure and cut two pieces of ribbon 30cms long. Roll your felt sheet up and glue the ribbon on either side where the edge meets the roll. Allow the glue to dry. (You can place paperclips or pegs on the roll to keep it in place as the ribbon dries.)
  6. Once dry, you can play the game. Then, keeping the vegetables inside as you roll the felt, tie it up with the ribbon to store it away or take it on-the-go.
Harvest Felt Spelling Game Harvest Felt Spelling Game Harvest Felt Spelling Game

Top Tip

Place the vegetables in position and then remove one at a time to write the matching letter on the felt for perfect placement.