Felt Corn Dolly

The creative art form of Corn Dollies dates back to the Egyptian times and were used as a way to thank Mother Earth for the Harvest. Why not try out this simple craft method that twists felt and pipe cleaners to make a modern version of the traditional corn dolly.

Felt Corn Dolly

Skill Level

Intermediate - Adult Supervision Required

Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Measure 6cm strips of yellow felt down the short side of the felt. Mark this with a ruler and pencil, then cut your strips with scissors. You will need 6 strips.
  2. Apply a strip of double-sided tape down one side of a strip. Peel the backing from the tape and fold the felt over it to stick. Use scissors to make 1cm snips down the un-taped side, roughly 5mms apart. Repeat this for the other strips of felt.
  3. Apply a strip of double-sided tape down the entire length of your strips on the un-cut side. Peel the backing away and start to wrap your felt around the pipe-cleaner. Start at the top and slowly wrap it, overlapping as you go to make your wheat sheaf. Repeat this to make six wheat sheafs.
  4. Twist the ends of three wheat sheafs together. Repeat with the other three to make two bunches.
  5. Make a large loop with the twisted pipe-cleaners on each bunch and twist them together and the bottom of each loop to make a heart shape. Arrange your bunches and apply double-sided tape between the wheat sheafs to hold them closer together if desired.
  6. For your final step, tie a piece of ribbon around the base of the heart and tie it in a bow.
Felt Corn Dolly Felt Corn Dolly Felt Corn Dolly

Top Tip

Bend your pipe-cleaners to arrange and position your wheat sheafs and use hidden tape in between to help them sit closely together.