Flowerpot Woodland Animals

These cute woodland animal characters are made out of mini flowerpots. They make a lovely autumn decoration for the home.

Flowerpot Woodland Animals

Skill Level


Time to Make

25 minutes per animal + drying time

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Mix some brown and orange paint with a little bit of white. Then cover a mini flowerpot with a coat of this paint. Leave to dry and add another coat if needed.
  2. Make sure the pot is upside down and then add two wiggle eyes to the front of it. Draw a mouth and some teeth using black and white deco pens.
  3. Cut out two small triangles from a brown sheet of paper, and stick them to the top of the pot using double sided tape to create the squirrel’s ears.
  4. Use the same sheet of brown paper to cut out two feet shapes. Make sure they are longer than they need to be, then fold the excess paper inside the pot to stick the feet in place.
  5. Cut a length of brown paper, approximately 1.5inches wide. Then roll it up tightly and let it loosen. This will create the curled tail.
  6. Stick the tail to the pot using double sided tape.
  7. Use the same techniques, using different colours and shapes, to create other woodland animals.
Flowerpot Woodland Animals Flowerpot Woodland Animals Flowerpot Woodland Animals

Top Tip

Wait until the paint is fully dry before sticking anything to the pots, otherwise, they may not stay in place.