Diwali Elephant Coin Bank

Create a lovely colourful Diwali elephant coin bank to keep your pocket money in.

Diwali Elephant Coin Bank

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Mix some black and white porcelain paints together to create a light grey, then cover the elephant in this paint, leaving a section on the back and the top of the head blank.
  2. Paint the section on the elephant’s back red, leaving a shape in the middle blank. Paint the edges of the circle on top of the head red as well as a strip around each leg.
  3. Paint the remaining blank areas of the elephant with yellow paint, and use the same paint to add some tassels underneath the blanket etc.
  4. Paint on an eye with black paint, and mix a light pink shade to paint the inside of the elephant’s ear.
  5. Stick on gems to decorate the elephant using mini glue dots.
Diwali Elephant Coin Bank Diwali Elephant Coin Bank Diwali Elephant Coin Bank

Top Tip

Wait until the paint has completely dried before attaching the gems to ensure they will stick.

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