Diwali Wreath

Celebrate the festival of lights by hanging this bright Diwali wreath on your door or wall.

Diwali Wreath

Skill Level

Easy, adult supervision needed

Time to Make

45 minutes + drying time for paint

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Mix up some purple paint and cover the whole of the top of the craft wreath. Leave to dry and apply a second coat if needed.
  2. As the paint is drying cut out some circles about 7cm in diameter from red and orange card and then cut these in half so you are left with three red and two orange half circle shapes.
  3. From yellow card draw six teardrop shapes about 4cm tall and 3cm wide. Then from orange card draw out six teardrop shapes about 3cm tall and 2cm wide. Cut out the shapes. Stick the orange teardrop shapes onto the bottom of the yellow teardrops to make the candle flames, then stick the flames onto the straight edge of your half circles to create your lamps. Put one of the flames to one side.
  4. Use some double sided tape to stick the lamps along the bottom half of the wreath and then add some small gems to each one to decorate.
  5. Stick foam letter stickers to the top of the wreath to spell out ‘Happy Diwali’ and some glitter stars around the edge of the wreath to decorate.
  6. To make the central hanging lamp, take a sheet of red card then cut a long strip about 7cm in width. Concertina fold the card, then when you get to the end, fold the strip in half and stick the edges together using double sided tape to create a fan shape.
  7. Take the flame you put aside earlier and stick this onto the straight edge of the concertina lamp.
  8. Turn your concertina lamp and wreath over, cut a length of ribbon about 8cm in length and stick one end to the back of the flame and the other end to the top of the wreath using tape.
  9. Cut a piece of ribbon around 15cm long and tie in a loop secured with a double knot. Attach the loop to the back of the wreath with a piece of tape.
Diwali Wreath Diwali Wreath Diwali Wreath

Top Tip

Make sure the paint is completely dry before adding the decorations on.

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