Dinosaur Pom Pom Decoration

Create this charming dinosaur decoration to hang on your bag or keyring.  Makes a lovely gift for a dinosaur enthusiast!

Dinosaur Pom Pom Decoration

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Download and print off the template provided then cut out the dinosaur shape.
  2. Draw around the template twice on your chosen foam colour so you are left with two dinosaur shapes. Cut these out. Ask an adult to cut out the centre of the dinosaur shapes to make this step easier.
  3. Apply some glue all over to one of the dinosaur shapes, then place the second dinosaur shape on top and stick the two pieces together. Leave to dry. Gluing two pieces of foam together will make the decoration sturdier when wrapping the wool around it.
  4. From card, cut out the two circle pom pom makers from the template provided. Ask an adult to cut out the centre of the circles to make this step easier. Place one either side of the foam dinosaur and line the holes up.
  5. Take a reel of wool from your value pack and cut this into long strands. Cut one strand to approximately 20cm and put to one side. You should use up the whole of the reel to make the pom pom.
  6. Taking one of your long strands, wrap the wool through the hole, around the edge and back through the hole again, wrapping it the whole way around the card pom pom maker until you reach the end. Repeat this step until you have used up all of the long strands.
  7. Carefully cut the wool through the middle of the two card pom pom makers until you have snipped the whole way across.
  8. Using the 20cm piece of wool you set aside earlier, wrap this underneath one of the card circles and tie tightly with a double knot. Snip through each card circle to remove from the pom pom.
  9. Trim the pom pom down using scissors until you have a full and neat looking circle.
  10. Peel off the self-adhesive backing from two wiggle eyes and stick these in place. Draw the nostrils on using a thin black pen. From some black foam cut out the mouth pieces and glue these in place. Leave to dry.
  11. Cut a piece of ribbon 15cm in length. Thread this through the hole in the dinosaur foam template, at the top of the pom pom, and tie with a knot to create a loop to hang your decoration from.
Dinosaur Pom Pom Decoration Dinosaur Pom Pom Decoration Dinosaur Pom Pom Decoration

Top Tip

Ask an adult to cut out the centre of the dinosaur and card pom pom maker as this could be hard for a child to do with scissors.



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