Dia de los Muertos Flower Skulls

Transform a 3D polystyrene skull into a fantastic Day of the Dead decoration using colourful paint pens, flower beads and satin embellishments.

Dia de los Muertos Flower Skulls

Skill Level


Time to Make

45 minutes plus drying time

How to Make

  1. Paint a polystyrene skull using a bright acrylic colour. Leave it to dry. Paint inside the eye sockets and around the teeth and nose with black paint. Leave to dry.
  2. Push a Rose Bead into each eye socket. The beads should stay in place without using any glue.
  3. Use the Deco pens to draw lines and patterns onto the skull. Outline the eyes and mouth then add flowers, leaves, dots or swirls.
  4. Stick some rose bead flowers onto the skull using small pieces of double sided tape or foam tape. Stick the Satin Gem Flowers by peeling off the backing film on each flower.
Dia de los Muertos Flower Skulls Dia de los Muertos Flower Skulls Dia de los Muertos Flower Skulls

Top Tip

Try the paint pens on some scrap paper before you start drawing onto the skull, the colour should flow freely from the tip of the pen. Keep the lines smooth and even by applying an even pressure on the surface of the polystyrene.

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