Sugar Skull Box

Make your own selection of colourful Fimo skulls and flowers as decorative embellishments for little boxes.

Sugar Skull Box

Skill Level


Time to Make

30 mins to make + time for baking and cooling Fimo

How to Make

  1. Remove the lid from a flower box. Paint the bottom section and lid on the outside and inside then leave to dry.
  2. To make small skulls, roll 5 x White Fimo balls, make them the size of a grape about 1.5cm diameter. For a single skull use a 2cm-3cm ball of Fimo. For making coloured skulls, knead a pinch of a bright Fimo into the ball of white until it is evenly blended.
  3. Flatten the balls into an oval then squeeze at one end to make the skull face shape. Push the end of a brush into the middle to make the eyes. Use a small strip of card to make a pattern for the teeth.
  4. To make flowers, shape 4 or 5 x 1cm Fimo balls. Flatten the balls with your finger so the Fimo is very thin, then roll into a curled shape for the middle of the flower. Press the remaining pieces around the middle for the petals. Remove any excess Fimo from the back of the flower with a modelling toll to make a neat shape.
  5. Place the skulls and flowers onto a baking tray or tile. Bake Fimo at 110ºC for 30 minutes, following the instructions on packet. Leave Fimo to cool before handling.
  6. Glue the skulls and flowers on the lid of the box then fill in between with a painted pattern or you could add a painted border around the edge. Deco Pens are also a great way to add a pattern in you box if it has a dark background.
Sugar Skull Box Sugar Skull Box Sugar Skull Box

Top Tip

Make more skulls and flowers than you need, then you'll have a ready-baked supply and to use for other projects.