Day of the Dead Figure

There are lots of different ways to decorate and add detail onto a Mexican-style figure. Design a colourful outfit for them to wear!

Day of the Dead Figure

Skill Level


Time to Make

45 minutes + drying time for Mod Roc and paints

How to Make

  1. Use pliers to cut off a 60cm length of aluminium wire then fold it in half. Twist the folded end to make a 3cm wide loop for the head then continue to twist the wire all the way down.
    Curl the other end into a circle to make a base. The wire should now be able to stand up on its own.
  2. Cut off a 30cm length of wire for the arms. Fold it in half then twist it around the body, about 2cm down from the head. Bend over the ends into hands.
  3. Cut a card semi circle for the skirt. You could use a large plate (aprox 25-26cm in diameter) as a guide for making the shape. Curl the card around the body then tape it into a cone with the bottom edge at the same level as the base of the wire.
  4. To add more shape to the body, cut strips from a plastic bag, or use tissue paper. Wrap the strips around the arms and body with masking tape over the top. Make a ball from a scrunched up bag or paper to make a 3D head.
  5. For the hat, cut a card oval (aprox 8cm) with a hole in the middle then tape it onto the head.
  6. Dip Mod Roc strips into water for a few seconds, squeeze out any excess water before layering the strips over the figure. Cover the body, arms, head and the skirt. Leave to dry overnight.
  7. Paste pieces of Decoupatch paper over the body for the dress, or use paint instead. Paint the arms black and the face white. Leave to dry, then paint white bones onto the arms and a black skeleton face. Dry.
  8. Glue wool or thread onto the face for hair. Stick fabric flowers and strips of lace to finish the figure.
Day of the Dead Figure Day of the Dead Figure Day of the Dead Figure

Top Tip

Before you start working with Mod Roc cover your work surface, cut Mod Roc strips into 20cm lengths and fill a bowl with water.

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