Decoupage Easter Decoration

Make your own luxurious Fabergé inspired decoration using rich colours and beautiful Decopatch decoupage paper

Decoupage Easter Decoration

Skill Level

Beginner. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Use a pencil to mark a line about halfway up the egg on both sides to give you a guide when you are applying the decoupage paper.
  2. Mix a lovely rich dark green in acrylic paint and apply two coats to the top part of your egg on both sides and over the edges. Allow to dry between coats. Next prepare your decoupage paper by ripping it into small pieces.
  3. Give the decoupage glue a good shake. Use a brush to apply a thin layer of glue to the bottom of the egg. Gently lay on a piece of pink floral paper. Use a brush to smooth it onto the surface, starting from the middle and working out towards the edges. Once flat, apply a thin layer of glue over the top. Repeat this process, slightly overlapping each piece until the bottom of the egg is covered on both sides. Allow to dry without laying flat – this shouldn’t take too long as the glue is fairly quick drying.
  4. Adding the details: Use a gold pen to draw spots all over the top of the egg front and back. Choose a long piece of gold ribbon – long enough to wrap around the egg’s middle. Apply a thin strip of gem glue to the back of the egg along the dividing line and pop the ribbon on top. Allow to dry for 10 minutes. Carefully turn over and stick the ribbon to the front in the same way.
  5. Cut 3 small circles of leather in a rich green / blue and a lovely pink. 2 about the size of a 5 pence piece and 1 about the size of a 2 pence piece. Glue the large one over the ribbon join at the front, and a smaller one on top of this. Decorate with the gold
  6. Cut a length of embroidery thread in dark green and create a hanging loop by folding in half. Lay on the back of the egg at the top and glue the remaining leather circle on top. Decorate with a gold pen.
Decoupage Easter Decoration Decoupage Easter Decoration Decoupage Easter Decoration

Top Tip

When applying the deco paper, use a firm brush to flatten out the paper for a nice smooth finish.

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