Decorative Glass Jars

Recycle jars using funky embellishments and designs, transforming them into stylish vases

Decorative Glass Jars

Skill Level


Time to Make

45 minutes

How to Make

Multi-Coloured Star Jar

  1. Take a glass jar and a purple glass pen. Draw small stars bordering the jar.
  2. Take a blue Fine Tip Glass Pen and progress the border of stars but making sure you only border around 2cm of the jar.
  3. Carry on doing this with green and yellow then back to purple and blue, using the picture as a guide. (Colours look different from pictures).

Doily & Ribbon Jar

  1. Take a blue and pink doily and cut them both in half. Use PVA to glue them onto the bottom half of your glass jar so they are overlapping each other (use our image as a guide).
  2. Take a piece of blue ribbon and tie around the rim of the jar securing with a double knot (or a bow).

Glitter Jar

  1. Cover your jar in a thin, even layer of PVA glue.
  2. Place down some sheets of paper on your table, then sprinkle the glitter directly onto the jar, rotating it as you do so to ensure even coverage.
  3. Leave to dry and sieve any leftover glitter back into the shaker.

Button & Bead Tissue Paper Jar

  1. Tear up random shapes of tissue paper from blue, yellow, green and pink sheets. Using PVA, glue the pieces on the jar in a decopatch effect. Leave to dry.
  2. Thread your choice of buttons onto coloured elastic and place around the jar. Do this twice with different variations of buttons.
  3. Lastly, thread a variety of coloured beads onto some elastic and place on the rim of the jar.
Decorative Glass Jars Decorative Glass Jars Decorative Glass Jars

Top Tip

Save any scraps of doily or tissue paper from your project, as these can be recycled on handmade cards or tags.