Bumblebee Book Corner

Celebrate the importance of bees and nature with this cute bumblebee book corner.

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Time to Make

15 mins

Adult Supervision


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Bumblebee Book Corner
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Top Tip

Why not make a few and give them to your friends.

How to Make

Step 1

Bumblebee Book Corner

Step 2

Bumblebee Book Corner

Step 3

Bumblebee Book Corner

  1. Print out the Origami instructions and use them to fold the base of your bee in yellow paper.
  2. Cut out black paper stripes that are about 1cm wide.
  3. Take your yellow base and turn it over so that the triangle side is facing you.
  4. Next take your black stripes and stick them on with a glue stick leaving space for a face at the bottom of the triangle.
  5. Trim the edges that are hanging over in line with the yellow paper.
  6. Add wiggle eyes to the face and draw a smile
  7. Finally cut two white circles for wings and stick them onto the back so they are showing sticking up at the front using a glue stick.

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