Fingerprint Bee Clay Trinket Dish

Have fun getting hands on and making your very own little bumblebee themed dish out of clay.

Fingerprint Bee Clay Trinket Dish

Skill Level

Intermediate - Adult Supervision Required

Time to Make

30 minutes + drying time

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. First thing to do is to ask an adult to help you protect against clay falling onto any soft furnishings. You can do this on a table that is meant for messy activities, or you can put down a messy mat or do this outside – it does get messy. It’s advisable you wear an apron too.
  2. Find a small bowl or plastic pot and put a sheet of plastic wrap or a piece of bin liner over the bowl.
  3. Take your clay and pull off a section of clay and begin to roll it into a ball (if this is too hard it might be that it’s cold, just keep rolling it in your hands and it will warm up)
  4. Put the ball of clay into the bowl on top of the plastic and begin to mould it to the shape of the bowl using your fingers. (Be sure to keep it at least 1cm thick all over. You can add more clay if needed)
  5. Next dip your fingers into some water and smooth out any bumps and cracks.
  6. Lift the clay you have just formed out of the mould using the plastic to help you lift it, remove the plastic and leave to dry, be careful not to damage the shape of the clay as you peel the plastic off.
  7. Leave this to dry overnight – it can take up to 2 days to dry depending on the atmosphere and thickness.
  8. Once fully dry paint with a base coat of white paint before mixing blue and white to make a sky blue colour.
  9. Once this is dry dip your finger into yellow paint and add lots of little fingerprint bees around and in your dish.
  10. Allow all the paint to dry before drawing stripes and wings on your bees with deco pens.
  11. Varnish your whole bowl.
  12. Finally stick on the wings using a glue stick.
Fingerprint Bee Clay Trinket Dish Fingerprint Bee Clay Trinket Dish Fingerprint Bee Clay Trinket Dish

Top Tip

Now you know how to make a bowl from clay, you could try your hand at hanging decorations using cookie cutters.

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