Beehive Papier-mâché Pinata

This fun activity is perfect for parties. Make a hive packed full of fuzzy little bees.

Beehive Papier-mâché Pinata

Skill Level


Time to Make

3 hours + drying time

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Blow up a balloon and tie it off.
  2. Tear some orange tissue paper into strips of about 1 inch across.
  3. Mix up some PVA and water in equal parts. Paint the Glue onto your balloon in sections and stick on a strip of tissue paper. Repeat over the whole balloon until it has at least 7 layers of paper, pasting with glue in between each layer. Leave to dry overnight.
  4. To make the bees take two yellow woolly pom-poms and stick them together using strong glue. And let it dry.
  5. Next wrap a black pipe cleaner around the pompoms to make the stripes.
  6. Then cut a white pipe cleaner in half and wrap it around the middle and shape it into two little wings.
  7. Tie a length of elastic to each bee.
  8. Once your balloon is dry, pop the balloon at the top holding on to the tie and pull it out. Cut the top hole into a bigger circle so you can fill it with sweets or confetti.
  9. Now cut strips of yellow and white tissue paper and cut frills into the strips. Stick them on in layers from the bottom up and allow to dry.
  10. Make two holes either side off the cut out circle and use ribbon or string so that you can hang it up.
  11. Stick the bees onto the hive with tape.
  12. Use a empty cardboard tube or similar to break the piñata.
Beehive Papier-mâché Pinata Beehive Papier-mâché Pinata Beehive Papier-mâché Pinata

Top Tip

Stand the balloon on a cup while you are sticking the tissue on and it won’t roll about.

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