Wedding Sign Reverse Canvas

Use this reverse canvas technique to create a beautiful handmade wedding sign.

Wedding Sign Reverse Canvas

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour 15 minutes + drying time

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Turn the canvas upside down so that the staples are facing upwards. Use a sharp cutting knife to carefully cut around the edge of the canvas, just to the outside of where the staples are. Lift the canvas off and put it to one side, then rip/cut the remaining pieces of canvas off of the frame. Alternatively you can use a staple remover, however this will take slightly longer to do
  2. Mix red and white paint together to make a shade of light pink, and cover the frame with a coat of this paint.
  3. Take the canvas and use scissors to cut off the folded edges. Trim the canvas so that it is just a little smaller than the size of the outer frame.
  4. Place the piece of canvas over the back of the frame and use the staple gun to reattach it.
  5. Turn the frame over so it is the right way up and use the black deco pen to write ‘Welcome’ at the top of the canvas in a swirly writing style. Underneath this write ‘to the wedding of’ in small capital letters. Then underneath this you can write the names of the people getting married, as well as the date of the wedding.
  6. Use the light pink deco pen to draw a rough flower shape in the corner of the canvas, then use the darker pink pen to draw a few details onto the flower. Add a couple more of these flowers either side, and then draw some leaves using the light and dark green deco pens. Repeat this in each corner of the canvas.
Wedding Sign Reverse Canvas Wedding Sign Reverse Canvas Wedding Sign Reverse Canvas

Top Tip

You can paint the frame in a colour that matches your wedding theme.

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