Textured Clay Can Desk Tidy

Add a touch of glamour to your desk or bookshelf with this textured, upcycled can desk tidy, adorned with clay and gold paint.

Textured Clay Can Desk Tidy

Skill Level


Time to Make

45 minutes plus clay and paint drying time

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut approx. ½ slab of modelling clay and roll out into a rectangle shape to roughly 0.5cm thick
  2. Lay your tin at one end of the clay and roll along pressing lightly along the top and bottom to make an imprint. With your modelling tool trim the excess clay leaving 1cm to allow for overlapping.
  3. With your strip of clay now trimmed to size, roll your tin from one end to the other again but pressing the clay lightly onto the tin and smoothing all over. Make sure to smooth under the bottom of the tin slightly and over the top edge and trim any excess with your cutting tool. v
  4. Using your wooden craft stick make arch imprints into the clay, starting at the top and make your way around working down the tin in rows.
  5. Smooth over any excess cracks along the top, bottom and where the clay joins and leave to dry over night.
  6. Paint all over with white acrylic and leave to dry, then using your gold deco pen colour the inside of your imprints to make rows of gold arches. Make sure you keep loading your deco pen for maximum gold coverage.
  7. Fill with your lovely items!
Textured Clay Can Desk Tidy Textured Clay Can Desk Tidy Textured Clay Can Desk Tidy

Top Tip

Have an extra overlap on the clay join to allow for any shrinkage when it is drying.

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