Coiled Polymer Clay Jewellery

Coils can be used to create various shapes and designs for jewellery. Polymer clay can be folded and rolled to make blended colour effects. This technique produces subtle transitions where the different colours overlap.

Coiled Polymer Clay Jewellery

Skill Level


Time to Make

1-2 hours + baking and cooling time for clay

How to Make

  1. Cut off 1/3 block (1 strip) from 3 different clay colours. Flatten each piece into a 4cm x 6cm rectangle with a roller. Use a knife to cut each rectangle into a tall triangle. Carefully lift the triangles and place them next to each other with the triangle in the middle pointing down. Overlap the edges by a couple of millimetres.
  2. Roll over the triangles so the colours press together. Fold the clay horizontally so the top edge meets the bottom edge then roll again. Keep folding and rolling the clay until the colours start blending together, to a depth of 2-3mm.
  3. Cut a 1-1.5 cm wide strip along the length of the clay. Very carefully fold the clay along the length then use the ends your fingers to roll the clay into a 15-20cm even strand. If it gets too long, cut off the ends into a more manageable length.
  4. Carefully coil the clay into a spiral shape. Try not to over handle or stretch the clay. With very thin pieces it’s often easier to make the coil on your work surface or tile, slowly lowering the clay strand from above, working around the shape. Cut off any extra clay from the end.
  5. To make a matching coil for a pair of earrings, cut another strip from the same piece of rolled clay and repeat steps 3 and 4 to make another strand. You could coil it the same way, or make a spiral from the opposite direction to give a colour variation. Make a small hole near the edges with a cocktail stick or use a thick needle.
  6. Bake polymer clay for 30 minutes at 135C following the instructions on packaging. Allow to fully cool before handling. Fix the finished pieces onto jewellery findings.
Coiled Polymer Clay Jewellery Coiled Polymer Clay Jewellery Coiled Polymer Clay Jewellery

Top Tip

As well as making coils, the blended clay can be used at the rolled out stage by using cutters or a knife to make flat shapes for jewellery or decorations. Practice rolling some thin, even strands with left over clay to help refine this technique before making your finished pieces. Try not to over handle the clay as you make the coils.