Magic E Clock

Use a paper plate and letter stickers to demonstrate how the letter ‘e’ completes different words, and how it changes the sound of the vowels in the letters. The ‘e’ spinner can be moved around the clock base to point at different words and complete them. Children can read the word out loud, spell it out loud and talk about what the word describes.

Magic E Clock

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Choose how many words you’d like to feature around your clock, or use our picture as a guide. Cut strips of equal-sized rectangular trips to fit the words from self-adhesive foam.
  2. Spell out each word minus the ‘e’ onto a foam strip using self-adhesive letters. Once each strip has an incomplete word stuck into it, arrange them around the outside of the plate using our picture as a guide. you need to make sure they are arranged in the correct way so that when you add the ‘e’ spinner it will complete each word.
  3. Cut a pointer from foam and measure the space from the centre-point of the plate to the words around the edges so that the pointer is the right size. Stick an ‘e’ letter onto one end using our picture as a guide ensuring it’s the right end of the pointer so that when you spin it, the ‘e’ completes all of the words.

Top Tip

Keep the spinner free to make it easier for children to move and grip themselves. For older children, pop in a split-pin to keep it in place.

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