Harvest Wreath

Create a rustic harvest decoration with felt fruit and vegetables.

Skill Level

Beginner. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

1.5 hours

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Glue 2 card wreaths together to make a strong base. Leave to dry.
  2. Cut off a 30cm length from a hessian roll. Place the card wreath onto the hessian then draw around the inner and outer circles with a felt pen. Remove the wreath then roughly draw another circle onto the hessian, about 4cm bigger than the outer edge of the wreath. Cut around the bigger circle then cut a series of flaps, cutting towards the middle of the circle up to the pen line marking the outer edge of the wreath. Carefully cut into the centre of the hessian to make 8 flaps. Cut up to the pen circle marking the hole on the wreath.
  3. Stick 6-8 strips of double-sided tape onto both sides the card wreath. Peel off the backing pieces from the tape on one side of the wreath. Place the hessian flat onto your work surface then stick the card wreath on top. Check the wreath is centrally placed onto the hessian with the cut out flaps around the outer edge and in the middle.
  4. Turn the wreath over, with the hessian attached, then peel off the tape backing pieces on the card. Fold the hessian flaps over the edge of the wreath onto the card circle then stick them down. Pull the hessian flaps up through the middle of the wreath then stick them down. If the hessian looks crinkled around the hole in the wreath, carefully lift the flaps, cut them in half then re-stick so they fold neatly over the card. Turn the wreath over to check the front looks neat then press to make sure the hessian has stuck down.
  5. To make a hanging loop, cut an 80cm length of twine. Hold one end of the twine onto the wreath with 5cm overhanging the outer edge of the circle. Wrap the twine over the edge of the wreath and through the hole 5 or 6 times then tie a knot with the overhanging end. Make a loop with the remaining twine then tie another knot. To help hold the hessian in place, tie 5 x 40cm lengths of twine around the wreath, evenly spaced around the circle.
  6. To make the fruit and vegetables, draw simple outlines onto the backing paper of some self-adhesive felt sheets then cut out the shapes. Cut thin felt pieces for stalks, stripes or other patterns. Peel off the backing paper then stick the fruit and vegetables onto the wreath. Finish the wreath with foam leaves.

Top Tip

Arrange the fruit and vegetable shapes onto the wreath before sticking them in position.

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