Hanukkah Glittery Menorah

Light a candle every day to celebrate Hanukkah! Self-adhesive felt flames can easily be added to the menorah then removed and re-used the following year.

Hanukkah Glittery Menorah

Skill Level

Beginner. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

2 hours

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Use a plain glitter felt sheet (not self-adhesive) in a dark colour as the background.
  2. Cut a 2cm wide strip from the length of a self-adhesive glitter felt sheet for the base of the menorah.
    Peel off the backing, stick it 4cm from the bottom edge of the background then add 2 small triangles at the ends to make a sloping shape.
  3. To make the candles, start by cutting some thin (1cm-2cm) strips using 3 or 4
    self-adhesive glitter felt colours. Stick the strips across a sheet of self-adhesive glitter felt to make a stripy pattern. The strips can vary in size and don’t need to be straight.
    Cut the stripy felt into 1.5cm strips for the candles. Trim the strips into 8 x 7cm candles and
    1 x 10cm candle.
  4. Stick the tall candle in the middle of the menorah base. Stick down the 8 smaller candles evenly spaced along the menorah base.
  5. Trim the left over striped felt sheet into thin strips as border around the edge of the background.
    To make a small 6-pointed star decoration, cut 2 small matching felt triangles, stick them together then add onto the background.
  6. Cut out 9 flames from yellow self-adhesive glitter felt.
    Stick one flame onto the background each day during Hanukkah, or stick them on together as a finished menorah picture.
Hanukkah Glittery Menorah Hanukkah Glittery Menorah Hanukkah Glittery Menorah

Top Tip

If the border strips aren’t long enough to fit around the edges on the background, stick 2 pieces together with a small felt rectangle covering the join.

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