Cave Art

Some of the earliest pre-historic paintings in caves depict hunting scenes and wild animals. Make a textured stone-effect background from clay to create your own cave art!

Cave Art

Skill Level

Beginner. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

1.5 hours + drying time for clay and paint

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Use ½ block of clay to make the stone background. Flatten and press the clay with your fingers to 8-10mm deep. Leave for 2-3 hours to partially dry then press real stones or pieces of slate into the surface to make a realistic texture. Keep the middle area fairly flat and not too bumpy. Push the stones into the edges to make an irregular shape. Leave the clay to dry overnight.
  2. Paint a thin layer of grey paint (mix white with a small amount of black or brown) over the clay and leave to dry. Wash some thin dark grey paint over the top then rub the surface with paper towel to highlight the rock texture. Leave to dry.
  3. Lightly draw a simple pencil design with animals, figures or trees onto the background. Fill in the shapes with brown paint. Before the paint dries, run of some areas with paper towel or for small areas use cotton buds. Use lighter browns and black to fill in other details.
  4. When the paint has dried, use a black or dark brown oil crayon to make the shapes bolder. Use a white oil crayon to add more depth to your cave painting. Press gently with the pastels to build up the colour. Try lightly rubbing over pastel with your finger or paper towel to create a smudged effect.
Cave Art Cave Art Cave Art

Top Tip

If the clay feels too sticky to flatten it out, cover the surface with the plastic packaging or use a polythene bag then press it into shape with your fingers.

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