Stone Age People

Dress up your Stone Age characters in furry clothing! The cut outs can be arranged onto a background for classroom wall display.

Stone Age People

Skill Level

Beginner. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

1.5 hours

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Start by re-shaping a cut out body. Cut off the head and make the neck longer. Make the legs a bit thinner and trim the feet into flatter shapes.
  2. Cut off a round head from a second body shape in a matching colour. Glue the new head onto the neck of the main body.
  3. Cut off both arms from the second body. Trim the ends into rounded shapes then glue onto the main body to make longer arms, or bent arms.
  4. To cut out the clothing, place the body shape onto coloured paper, use orange, white, grey or brown paper, or a brighter colour if you prefer. Draw around the body as a guide. Draw a curved neck and make the shape slightly wider at the sides then cut it out.
  5. To make an animal skin pattern on the clothes, dip your first finger into paint then print dots onto the coloured paper. Leave to dry.
    To make furry clothes, chop up some wool into small pieces, cover the coloured paper with glue then press the wool on top, leave to dry. Glue the clothes onto the body.
  6. To make short hair, brush glue over the top of the head then press chopped wool on top. For longer hair, tie some wool pieces in a bunch with twine then glue it onto the head. Cut a nose and mouth from left over skin tone paper. Stick 2 wiggle eyes onto the face.
  7. Make a spear handle from a wooden stick or craft straw. Cut our a pointed spear top from grey paper, glue it onto the stick with some twine.
  8. Glue the people onto a Stone Age background.
Stone Age People Stone Age People Stone Age People

Top Tip

Pre-cut body shapes can be adapted into characterful poses by adding bent arms, separate heads and other expressive details. Make a background from tissue paper pieces glued onto A2 card or for a longer frieze use a display roll.

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