Little Friends Keepsake Box

Keep your friends near to you by making them in mini form and keeping them in a special keepsake!

Little Friends Keepsake Box

Skill Level

Beginner. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

1-2 Hours plus drying time.

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Firstly paint your peg dolls and your keepsake boxes white to help the coloured paint stay vivid.
  2. Once the white is dry, paint your box in your chosen colours and leave to dry. You may need to do two coats for even coverage.
  3. Decorate your wooden people in your chosen colours and design, using skin tone and deco paint. We made spots and flowers by using the end of a paintbrush to dab small neat circles.
  4. Add your facial features using a pen for the nose, mouth and ears. Using the same trick with the end of the paintbrush to add the eyes. (white first and then black when dry)
  5. For shoulder length pipe cleaner hair just lay across the head and work your way back in a rainbow pattern. For a ponytail glue two strands from the back of the neck and paint the rest. We used a glue gun to keep in place but any other liquid glue could work but with more drying time.
  6. Add six flowers onto front of your keepsake box alternating the colours, and 3 on the inside of your box.
  7. Now add your message or names on your box using your chosen colours. We mixed up ours using two colours. Place your people inside and admire your beautiful work!
Little Friends Keepsake Box Little Friends Keepsake Box Little Friends Keepsake Box

Top Tip

Mix your skin tone paints with a small amount of white deco paint to thicken and to also match the shade you need.

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