Matching Initial Friendship Keyrings

Get your friends together to make these fun matching marbled initial keyrings, perfect for your school bag or keys!

Matching Initial Friendship Keyrings

Skill Level

Beginner. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

1-2 Hours

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Make sure you have a mat down for any mess with your clay, choose your chosen colours for your keyrings.
  2. Work two lines of the clay in your hands until it starts to soften, start with one colour first. Roll out flat to roughly 3mm thick.
  3. Now break off one line of another colour and soften in your hands, make three pea size balls and place these sporadically onto the rolled out clay.
  4. Mix the colours together by moving it in between your fingers slowly, try not to over work it or you will lose the other colour altogether. You should now see a marbled effect in your clay. Roll back flat and use your chosen shape to cut out as many shapes as you wish.
  5. Using a pencil make a whole at the top centre of your shape, not too near the edge to avoid it splitting when dry.
  6. Press a wooden initial into the centre below the hole using the tip of the pencil, remove gently using the pencil to lift out of the clay.
  7. Repeat these steps with as many colours, shapes and initials as you wish. Once done place them onto a baking tray, then oven bake at 275°F / 135°C for 30 minutes, then allow the firm clay to cool completely.
  8. Fill your initials with pva and sprinkle your chosen glitter colours over.
  9. Once dry, add your split rings and keychains and they are ready to use!
Matching Initial Friendship Keyrings Matching Initial Friendship Keyrings Matching Initial Friendship Keyrings

Top Tip

Make sure you open and separate your split ring slightly before threading through your clay to prevent any breakage.