Sloth Bunting

Create your very own happy sloth bunting, perfect for parties or hanging in your room at home!

Skill Level

Easy, adult supervision needed

Time to Make

10 minutes per card shape

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Sketch out your sloth and leaf shape onto orange and green card. Cut these out. Then create multiple shapes of these by using these pieces as a template.
  2. To create the sloths face, cut out an oval shape from white card then stick this to the body using double sided tape.
  3. Using a thin paintbrush, paint the sloths face details onto the white oval and fur marks onto the orange body with brown paint. Leave to dry. With a thin black pen, draw the eyes, nose and mouth onto the face. Repeat this process for the other sloth shapes.
  4. Using a thin paintbrush, paint the leaf stalk onto the leaf shape with a dark green paint. Leave to dry. Repeat this process for the other leaf shapes.
  5. Cut a length of thin green ribbon, long enough so that it is longer than all of the sloth and leaf pieces placed together.
  6. Turn your sloth and leaf pieces over and position these in place along the length of the ribbon, making sure that the ribbon is laid on top. Stick the card shapes to the ribbon using a small amount of tape on each one.

Top Tip

Make the bunting as long as you want by creating more sloths or leaf shapes.



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