Ribbon Woven Coasters

Add a touch of boho charm to the table with these retro-inspired woven coasters

Ribbon Woven Coasters

Time to Make

1 hour

How to Make

  1. Use a ruler and pencil to mark out two squares measuring 10cm (4in) x 10cm (4in) onto a sheet of foam and neatly cut out. Place one square aside for later.
  2. Trim a selection of ribbons to 14cm (5.5in). Place the ribbons over the surface of a foam square to ensure that there are enough ribbons to cover the surface twice over.
  3. Begin with the horizontal ribbons. Take the first horizontal ribbon and affix 2cm (1in) to the back of the foam square using hot glue. Repeat to add a second ribbon next to the first. Continue adding ribbons until all the surface is covered and all the horizontal ribbons are glued onto the back of the coaster.
  4. Begin adding the vertical ribbons. Position the first ribbon to one side of the coaster and secure onto 2cm (1in) of ribbon to the back. Bring the vertical ribbon to the front and begin passing it over and under the loose horizontal ribbons. Once the vertical ribbon has been woven through all the horizontal ribbons secure the remaining 2cm (1in) to the back with hot glue to hold the woven ribbon in place.
  5. The next vertical ribbon is added in the same way, secure 2cm (1in) to the back of the foam with hot glue and then pass under and over the horizontal ribbons, be sure to alternate this to the previous woven ribbon to get a neat finish. Secure the remaining 2cm (1in) at the back of the foam with hot glue. Repeat to add in all of the remaining vertical ribbon in the same manner, alternating the weaving with each one.
  6. Secure the horizontal ribbons. Once all of the vertical ribbons have been woven and secured begin folding the free ends of the horizontal ribbons over to the back of the foam and securing in place with hot glue.
  7. Complete the coaster by placing the second square of foam over the back of the woven panel and securing in place with hot glue to conceal all the raw edges.
Ribbon Woven Coasters Ribbon Woven Coasters Ribbon Woven Coasters

Top Tip

The woven ribbons will look much better if they are flat and wrinkle free. If your ribbons are creased try running a cool iron over them to remove any wrinkles before you begin.