Pet Marionette Puppets

Kids will have lots of fun making and playing with these fun marionette puppets, especially when they are modelled on their pets.  Great activity for upcycling kitchen and toilet roll cores.

Pet Marionette Puppets

Skill Level

Intermediate. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

1 hour + drying time for paint

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. For the head, take a toilet roll tube and cut it in half. Paint it in your chosen pet colour using acrylic paint. Leave to dry then apply a second coat of paint on top. Leave to dry.
  2. For the body, take another toilet roll tube and paint exactly the same as the head. When dry, punch two small holes along each side of the tube for the legs to be attached.
  3. Cut four pipe cleaners to approx 10cm in length then thread each one into the holes you have just created. Bend the ends which are inside of the tube at an angle so they don’t fall out of the holes. Then bend the other ends at an angle to create the feet.
  4. For the paws, cut out 8 small circles from self-adhesive foam. You will need two paw circle shapes per foot.
  5. Cut four strands of wool to approx 30cm in length. Peel the backing off the self-adhesive circles and attach one circle to each pipe cleaner end. Place the end of the wool strands on top of the pipe cleaner then stick the second circle on top to secure all pieces together to create four paw pads.
  6. Punch two small holes along the top of the tube. Cut two more strands of wool to approx 30cm in length then thread these through the holes and secure the ends of the strands inside the card tube with tape.
  7. Take the head tube and punch a small hole on the top and bottom of the tube, so they line up. Thread one of the wool strands from the body through the holes in the head tube.
  8. Take two craft sticks and stick them into a cross shape using glue. Leave to dry.
  9. Tie the wool ends from the body and head to the left and right point on the cross with a double knot. Then tie the wool from one front and one back leg onto the cross and the last front and back leg onto the remaining point on the cross.
  10. Cut out the ears and tail from self-adhesive foam then stick these in place onto the puppet.
  11. To finish draw on some dots or whiskers to the face using a thin black pen and attach two wiggle eyes.
Pet Marionette Puppets Pet Marionette Puppets Pet Marionette Puppets

Top Tip

Ask an adult to help when punching the holes through the cardboard tubes.