Cardboard Tube Sausage Dog

Using recycled cardboard tubes, kids will have great fun creating and taking this fun pull-along sausage dog for walkies.

Cardboard Tube Sausage Dog

Skill Level

Intermediate - Adult Supervision Required

Time to Make

30 minutes + drying time

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Flatten your cardboard tube. Holding it horizontally, measure 1.5 cm from the bottom, near the front of the tube. This will be where your wheels will go. Mark a dot with a pencil, and poke a hole, going through the other side of the tube too. Do this again at the other end of the tube. Bend your tube back to its circular shape and paint it brown.
  2. Print and cut out the head template. Draw round it on brown card and cut it out. Draw on the ears, mouth, and nose with a black deco pen on both sides. Stick on the wiggle eyes.
  3. Using the collar tag template, cut out the circle on gold paper. Poke through two small holes at the top of the circle. Write your chosen name on the tag with a black deco pen. Take a piece of red ribbon and thread it through the two holes.
  4. Stick some double-sided tape along the neck on either side. With the golden tag sitting at the front of the neck, stick the red ribbon along the double-sided tape. Cut the excess ribbon off the back of the neck.
  5. Cut two small strips of brown paper, approximately 7cm long. Fold them both in half. Stick one half on to the bottom of the head (the part that will sit inside the tube) and do this again on the other side. You will be left with two flaps. Put some double-sided tape on the bottom of these flaps and stick the head in place by sticking the flaps onto the inside of the tube at the bottom.
  6. Cut the tail out on brown paper using the tail template and repeat step 5, at the back.
  7. Cut two lollipop sticks to 6cm each. Paint them brown. Pick out four circular branch offcuts as similar in size as possible. Draw a paw print using your black deco pen on each one. These will be your wheels. Take four thumb sized pieces of glue tack and stick them firmly on the back of each wheel.
  8. Push one of your 6cm lollipop sticks into the glue tack on one of your wheels. Push the other side of the lollipop stick through the two holes at the front of the cardboard tube. Push another wheel onto the lollipop stick poking through the other side. You will now have your two front wheels in place. Repeat this at the back of the cardboard tube.
  9. Cut a red piece of ribbon to 120cm long. Place a small piece of double-sided tape on one end and stick it to the top of the inside of the cardboard tube, where the head is. Stick another piece of double-sided tape on the other end of the ribbon. Fold the ribbon over and stick the end of the ribbon approximately 10cm down. This will create a loop so that the lead has a handle.
  10. Take your sausage dog for a walk!
Cardboard Tube Sausage Dog Cardboard Tube Sausage Dog Cardboard Tube Sausage Dog

Top Tip

When cutting out the shapes for the templates, it is easier to draw around the template onto the card, rather than holding it on top and cutting around it.