Personalised Natural Baubles

Make Christmas special for someone this year with a hand decorated, personalised bauble to hang on their tree.  A fabulous gift and keepsake for friends and family members.

Personalised Natural Baubles

Skill Level

Intermediate. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

40 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Taking one half of your large bauble glue gun two larch cones next to each other on the bottom and hold while the glue cools. If using small baubles then affix two small wooden trees or any other small natural items of your choice.
  2. Undo 3 stems of berries from your bunch and thread them through the middle of your pair of cones, trimming or folding the ends if needed.
  3. On the other half of your bauble, glue gun one cone onto the bottom of your bauble in the centre. You can repeat this step for your smaller baubles or use the mini wood-en tree shapes using a small amount of white clay to affix to the bottom.
  4. Pour some snow flakes into one half of the bauble, not too much in case the cones are hidden. Repeat the same with your small baubles.
  5. Keeping the snowflake filled half flat, place the other bauble half on top and clip to-gether and secure with the topper and remove the red velvet ribbon attached.
  6. Using your glue gun add a small amount of glue to the back of the topper and attach your twine and wrap it around until it is well covered. Glue gun the end of the twine at the back so it isn’t visible.
  7. Trim approx 25cm of twine and attach to the topper, creating a loop that it can hang from. For your small baubles cut some white ribbon in its place and cut another 30cm of ribbon to make a bow and glue gun that on top of your bauble loop.
  8. Using your gold deco pen personalise with the name of your choice and draw small circles along the top with your white deco pen for a snowy effect!
Personalised Natural Baubles Personalised Natural Baubles

Top Tip

For a wintry look, use white air dry clay at the bottom of the bauble and press in mini Christmas trees or wooden objects to prevent them from moving about. Then sprinkle with Irridescent White Glitter (EF332) to create a sparkling effect.