Paper Plate Pumpkin Weaving

Transform a paper plate into a circle weaving loom! This craft allows children to develop their fine motor skills by working with yarn to create a woven paper plate pumpkin!

Skill Level


Time to Make

30 mins

Adult Supervision


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Paper Plate Pumpkin Weaving
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Top Tip

Weave 2 threads at the same time to make the weaving process quicker.

How to Make

Step 1

Paper Plate Pumpkin Weaving

Step 2

Paper Plate Pumpkin Weaving

Step 3

Paper Plate Pumpkin Weaving

  1. Using the template cut out the features of the pumpkin face from black self-adhesive felt or draw your own design.
  2. Using scissors, cut slits around the outside of a small orange paper plate.
  3. Stick the end of the wool to the back of the paper plate and then wrap the orange wool in between the slits secure the wool by taping the end to the back or tie it to the centre where the wool crosses over itself.
  4. Cut 2 long lengths of wool and thread the ends through the eye of the needle.
  5. Then tie the ends to the centre of the paper plate where the wool crosses over.
  6. Begin weaving the threaded needle under and over the orange wool. If you run out of wool, you can cut another length and attach it to the previous wool and continue weaving.
  7. When you finish weaving, secure the end of the wool by tying or sticking the end down.
  8. Make a hole at the top of the paper plate using a hole punch.
  9. Pull a green pipe cleaner through the hole and tie it to make sure the pipe cleaner stays in place.
  10. Curl both ends of the pipe cleaner around a pencil to make the stalk into spirals.
  11. Lastly, stick the pumpkins features onto the woven part of the pumpkin by peeling off the self-adhesive backing.