Halloween Paper Chains

Get in the Halloween spirit and create these fun, spine-chilling paper chain decorations! This fun and easy papercraft activity is a great way to add some spookiness to your home for Halloween!

Halloween Paper Chains

Skill Level

Easy. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

20 Minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Using the template cut out Frankenstein’s hair from black card and bolts from metallic silver card.
  2. Measure, draw and cut out 1 rectangle from green card and 3 rectangles from purple card and 4 rectangles from black card (25cm x 5cm).
  3. Make the green rectangle into a ring by stapling the ends together.
  4. Then loop a purple rectangle through the ring previously made and staple the ends together. Repeat until all 8 rings are joined together.
  5. Stick the hair and silver bolts to the green ring.
  6. Then draw the face and stick 2 wiggle eyes on the green ring.
  7. Lastly, cut a length of ribbon, then loop and tie it through the green ring at the top of the paper chain.
  8. Repeat these steps to create the bat and mummy using the photo as reference.
Halloween Paper Chains Halloween Paper Chains Halloween Paper Chains

Top Tip

As an alternative to staples, you can use Super Tacky Glue.



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