Painted Vegetable Stones

Liven up your veggie patch this summer! Help remember which vegetable is which when planting your veggies from seeds by making these eye-catching, colourful painted stone vegetables!

Painted Vegetable Stones

Skill Level

Intermediate - Adult Supervision Required

Time to Make

45 minutes + drying time

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Paint a stone white and allow to dry.
  2. Add a small blob of white to some bright green paint and paint the stone green. Allow to dry.
  3. Add a small blob of white to some dark green paint and paint stripes onto the stone with a thin brush, leaving a space for the cucumbers face. Allow to dry.
  4. With the multi-purpose deco pens, draw two eyes, a mouth pink rosy cheeks.
  5. When thoroughly dry. Paint the stone with varnish to seal and protect your cute veggie friend.
Painted Vegetable Stones Painted Vegetable Stones Painted Vegetable Stones

Top Tip

Add a blob of white acrylic paint to your ready mixed paint and your stone will need less layers to cover.